From Impressions to Impact: Entri's Journey to 1 Crore Impressions with Katha

From Impressions to Impact: Entri's Journey to 1 Crore Impressions with Katha

Competitive Exam Segment in Kerala is a dynamic and competitive landscape driven by a highly educated and skilled workforce. There is a wide range of courses available in Kerala, catering to various industries such as IT, Healthcare, Tourism, Hospitality, and Engineering. Many private training institutes and vocational colleges in Kerala offer specialised courses designed to provide practical skills and knowledge required for specific job roles. According to data available, the market size, in terms of number of aspiring candidates as of August 31, 2021, was 38.3 lakh.

Entri: Empowering Competitive Exam Preparation

Entri, founded in 2017 by Mohammed Hisamuddin and Rahul Ramesh, is an online platform that provides comprehensive courses for competitive exams in India. While it started off by assisting PSC aspirants, Entri is now a one-stop solution for all competitive exam preparation needs. By offering a diverse range of courses and resources, the platform aims to cater to the requirements of a wide range of aspirants. These resources include video lessons, mock tests, previous year question papers, and topic-wise practice questions. One of Entri's standout features is its personalised learning options, which allow users to track their progress, identify strengths and weaknesses, and receive targeted recommendations for improvement. This individualised approach ensures that users can tailor their exam preparation to their specific needs and maximise their chances of success.

Campaign Objectives

Entri's partnership with Katha aimed to leverage the power of user led advertising to:

  • Create awareness about Entri's comprehensive range of courses and position Entri as the go-to platform for all competitive exam preparations
  • Generate leads and drive admission across various courses offered by Entri

Campaign Execution

Entri, one of our earliest clients, began utilising our platform in October 2022. Entri subscribed to our platform in December and has consistently been using it for the past 6 months. Over this period, Entri has effectively promoted their diverse range of courses, empowering users with valuable educational opportunities.

Entri was among the first brands that used our platform for Branding and Awareness campaigns. Collaborating with Alambanz, one of Kerala's most influential content creators, Entri created a catchy, relatable video. Katha helped Entri get over 5 Lakh views, through peer-to-peer sharing, outside the scope of Instagram.

In addition to brand recall and awareness campaigns, Entri effectively utilised the Katha platform to drive admissions for their courses. These targeted campaigns featured engaging images that resonated with the audience, highlighted the key aspects of the courses, and included a compelling call-to-action link. Entri successfully converted leads generated through the campaigns into admissions, maximising their conversion rates and overall campaign effectiveness.

Analysing the Campaign Outcomes

What are the campaign outcomes?

  • Katha provided Entri a powerful platform with easy access to their hottest prospects across Kerala. Regular branding campaigns, across a variety of content formats created a constant, peer-driven communication channel between Entri and it's audience.
  • Strategic targeting in these networks helped Entri generate over 3x ROI. Thanks to the results, Katha has carved out a place of its own in Entri's marketing strategy

The Client Speak

"Katha has been a game-changer for our marketing efforts at Entri. With their innovative personal advertising platform, we have been able to reach and engage our target audience in a whole new way. The seamless integration of peer-to-peer sharing and personalised content has significantly enhanced our brand awareness and conversions. The results have been remarkable, with increased impressions, higher engagement rates, and a substantial boost in course enrollments. Katha has truly revolutionised the way we connect with our audience and drive meaningful results. We are grateful for their partnership and the exceptional value they bring to our marketing campaigns."

Mohammed Hisamuddin (Founder and CEO, Entri App)

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