Top WhatsApp Channels in Malayalam (2023)

Top WhatsApp Channels in Malayalam (2023)

WhatsApp just launched channels in India and that opens up an exciting avenue for brands to engage with their audience. But one thing to keep in mind is that Channels is currently not open for everyone, and it is gradually getting rolled out across users. Meanwhile, we looked at the top Malayalam WhatsApp channels as it stands now, and the list is below:


This is the biggest WhatsApp channel at the moment in Kerala, with over 130K followers. Join this channel to never miss an update from Lalettan.

Mohanlal WhatsApp Channel

Followers: 133K+

Channel Link: https://whatsapp.com/channel/0029Va2CYbW3WHTYkSnVl90k


Not far behind Mohanlal, is Megastar Mammootty’s channel with over a 100K followers. Follow this channel to get the latest updates from Mammookka.

Mammootty WhatsApp Channel

Followers: 106K+

Channel Link: https://whatsapp.com/channel/0029Va2UOCgAjPXP5gF09C02

Cyber Chathan

This influencer from Kerala has created a channel as big as that of the “Big M”s. The channel posts mostly about Tech product launches and product reviews. Do follow this if you are a tech geek.

Cyber Chathan WhatsApp Channel

Followers: 124K+

Channel Link: https://whatsapp.com/channel/0029Va6pusEH5JLpxARYRg01

Manorama News

Kerala’s biggest news publishing house has 4 channels on WhatsApp already. The biggest one among them is that of Manorama News, with a minute by minute update about what’s happening across Kerala and around the world.

Manorama News WhatsApp Channel

Followers: 34K+

Channel Link: https://whatsapp.com/channel/0029Va7NsJ86GcGNBt3Knj3r

Tech Travel Eat

Sujith Bhakthan’s Tech Travel Eat is now on WhatsApp channels, follow this for amusing content from across the world, just like his other social media channels.

Tech Travel Eat WhatsApp Channel

Followers: 22K+

Channel Link: https://whatsapp.com/channel/0029Va1f9m0Likg3XdXU3F1x

Asiaville Malayalam

Trying to create a space among Malayali audiences is Asiaville, and they have created a channel even before some of the biggest media houses in Kerala. Do check out their channel for entertaining content.

Asiaville Malayalam WhatsApp Channel

Followers: 21K+

Channel Link: https://whatsapp.com/channel/0029Va2LCXiKAwEds5XPCm2N

Malayalam News

Popular online news platform Malayalam News daily is another surprise entry into the list of Malayalam WhatsApp channels. Do follow them for some mainstream and a bit of non-mainstream news, that you might otherwise miss.

Malayalam News WhatsApp Channel

Followers: 9K+

Channel Link: https://whatsapp.com/channel/0029Va6C8VhLSmbbz7Z1iM0J

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