Unleashing the potential of User Led Advertising with Santamonica Study Abroad.

Unleashing the potential of User Led Advertising with Santamonica Study Abroad.

The world of education is expanding as study abroad trends reflect an increasing number of students seeking international education for a global perspective and valuable skills. Traditional destinations like the US, UK, and Australia remain popular, but emerging Asian destinations gain traction. COVID-19 led to virtual and hybrid programs, while sustainability and social impact now shape choices.

In India, the desire for overseas higher education is spreading among diverse socio-economic backgrounds, notably the middle class. Statistics show 57% of middle-class households, earning Rs 3 lakh to Rs 10 lakh, invest in studying abroad. This growing demand emphasizes the importance of global exposure and families' commitment to their children's future. Kerala stands out as a significant contributor to this trend, with a remarkable number of students pursuing international education. Ranking fourth nationally, Kerala represents approximately 4% of the student population opting for global learning. These statistics not only reflect Kerala's enthusiasm for global learning but also signifies the state's recognition of the vast opportunities that lie beyond its borders.

The Market Leader in Study Abroad Consultancy

Santamonica Study Abroad Pvt. Ltd is a leading study abroad consultant based in Kochi, Kerala with 21 years of legacy. Under the guidance of Mr Denny Thomas Vattakunnel, the founder and Managing Director, the company has earned a reputation for excellence. Santamonica provides comprehensive end-to-end study abroad facilitation services and represents over 600 prestigious universities and colleges across 20+ countries. With branches and associate offices throughout Kerala and key Indian cities, the consultancy ensures access to top-tier international educational institutions.

Campaign Objectives and Goals

Santamonica was looking to achieve three main objectives through its partnership with Katha.

  • Generate awareness about Study abroad Opportunities
  • Reinforce Santamonica’s presence as the biggest and most trusted Study Abroad Consultancy in Kerala through User-Led Advertising
  • Drive registrations for offline Expos, Seminars, and Online webinars and in turn, generate leads/prospects, leveraging the power of Zero-Party data

Campaign execution

Katha' discussions with Santamonica started in late December 2022. In January, Santamonica used the platform for the first time, launching a performance marketing campaign that precisely targeted 100,000 individuals across Kerala, with a specific focus on study abroad aspirants (18-25 age groups) and their parents (40+ age groups). The campaign incorporated visually appealing images, compelling text, and strategically placed WhatsApp redirection call-to-action (CTA) buttons to effectively capture attention and drive engagement. As the campaign gained significant traction, Santamonica expanded the scope by incorporating branding and awareness initiatives. Leveraging the power of User Led Advertising, the campaign inspired students to envision their aspirations reaching new heights. These campaigns, hitting the target audience through their personal circles, encouraged aspirants to submit their data and sign-up for Santamonica's consultancy services.

A snapshot of the campaign results

A snapshot of the campaign results

  • Enhanced Footfall: The implementation of peer-to-peer video and poster sharing through Katha generated significant awareness about Santamonica's offline events held across Kerala. This resulted in a notable increase in footfall, attracting a larger audience and creating valuable networking opportunities.
  • Highly Qualified Leads: By leveraging the power of zero-party data submitted by interested students and parents, Santamonica successfully built a robust pipeline of highly qualified leads. Compared to traditional advertising methods, the campaign achieved an impressive 52% better conversion ratio, indicating the effectiveness of personal advertising in driving meaningful engagement and conversions.
  • Exclusive Advertising Rights: With the remarkable results achieved through Katha, Santamonica recognized the immense value and potential of personal advertising. To further maximize its reach and impact in the study abroad segment, Santamonica secured exclusive rights for advertising through Katha. This strategic move reflects their confidence in the platform's ability to deliver exceptional results and establish a strong presence in their target market.

The Client Speak

“We have been using the Katha platform for over 7 months. This is a one of a kind platform that drives engagement through User Led Advertising - it is our own prospects that are sharing our advertising campaigns in their network. Another important reason for our consistent usage of the platform is the quality of leads we get through Katha campaigns - this is better than any third-party lead providers, including Meta and Google. Also, the team genuinely tries to make sure that all our queries and concerns are answered within no time. Katha has definitely carved a place of its own in our marketing strategy “

- Ronnie Timothy (Marketing Head, Santa monica)

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