What are WhatsApp Flows and How Brands Can Utilise Them?

What are WhatsApp Flows and How Brands Can Utilise Them?

Well, it has not been a week since WhatsApp launched Channels for the Indian market. And today, at the second edition of the Meta Conversations Conference in Mumbai, Meta has launched WhatsApp flows for India. WhatsApp flows for India (source: WhatsApp)

What are WhatsApp Flows?

WhatsApp Flows is a feature that allows businesses to provide services seamlessly while interacting with their customers. This enables every WhatsApp user to buy products and services online, without leaving WhatsApp.

For example, WhatsApp flows allows its user to:

  • Login to their eCom accounts

  • Book services

  • Purchase products

  • Complete payments

  • Fill out Customer Surveys

Why is now the right time to introduce WhatsApp Flows?

Netizens across the globe are increasingly relying on Messaging Apps for completing business conversations. The conversational commerce market is estimated to reach a whopping 290 Billion USD by 2025.

This can be attributed to mainly 3 types of channels:

WhatsApp Flows attributed mainly 3 types of channels

  • Message Driven: WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and WeChat where intelligent chatbots hand-hold you throughout the purchase process, helping you make decisions based on available options.

  • Visual Content Driven: Tiktok and Instagram have started enabling sellers to advertise and engage with their customers, and even complete sales on Live Stream

  • Voice Driven: Products such as Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri, and Google Homes primarily rely on voice commands from users

What are some immediate steps businesses should take with regard to WhatsApp?

Verify Your Business

The first step for any business should be to prove to its customers the authenticity. Once a business becomes Meta verified, it receives enhanced account support and protection against impersonation.

Design Customer Journey

Once your business is verified on Meta, you can start designing your customer journey workflows, making it easier for customers to engage with your business without having to go through multiple channels.

Drive Engagement

While the backend setup gets ready, you should also ensure that your customers are aware of how to engage with you through WhatsApp. You can create content around this, and share with your customers online - Instagram Page, WhatsApp Channels, Email Notifications or even traditional advertising channels, based on where your target audiences are.

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